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  • Jack Linaker

When running a sustainable event is non-negotiable

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

For many event professionals, the journey to become a more sustainable experience can happen over several event editions. For others, the race is on to become sustainable and match industry audience expectations today.

Case in point, Global Offshore Wind organised by RenewableUK, held at ExCeL London for its return to in-person in September 2021.

RenewableUK is the UK’s leading renewable energy trade association, representing the interests of over 400 companies. Its members are business leaders and expert thinkers across the industry, building future energy systems, powered by clean electricity.

Its annual Global Offshore Wind event combines a multi-streamed conference and exhibition format and generates 80% of the association’s event income.

For its 2021 conference, RenewableUK’s ambition was to strengthen its position as the UK’s leading renewable energy trade association by bringing its community back together. Its objectives were to serve members who were not able to make it to the event; and, as one of the leading renewable energy trade associations, creating a sustainable event was imperative.

To do this, RenewableUK was keen to deliver a hybrid event format delivering both an impressive live event combined with a slick TV-style hybrid event with high production values.

However, it was business critical that the association embedded sustainability and to do this meant it required a technical production partner who respected sustainable event delivery and had sustainable principles were on par with the organisers themselves.

The overall success of delivering on this brief hinged on building relationships based on trust with sustainable suppliers. JLLive were chosen over some of the more established delivery names in the business as the event team were impressed by the supplier’s credentials which include ESSA Accreditation and albert certification.

It was all in the attention to sustainable detail. For example, all the backdrops for the presentation environments used sustainable beMatrix frames with LEDskin LED panels built into the reusable aluminium frames. Immersive digital canvasses were used throughout the main conference rooms and the exhibition theatres.

The event was an incredible success, with record numbers of attendees across the whole exhibition, the exhibition showcase theatres and all conference rooms and side meetings. The show received over 3,800 in-person attendees across the two live days.

Garth Halliday, RenewableUK Event Director commented

“Wow – what an event to break through the covid fog and it felt great to return to in-person events. We have had record numbers through the door. I have not seen a GOW that busy in all areas and the feedback has been 100% unrelentingly super positive. Thank you so much for all your help and support throughout the project and for turning our ambition into a reality. The conference and theatre sets looked amazing, the sound was awesome, and it was a super slick production.”

JLLive is passionate about delivering events with impact without impacting the environment

Thanks to the company’s rich television history, JLLive is highly skilled in designing ‘moments’ for audiences, and the team are passionate about bringing magic of TV to the world of live and digital events.

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