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JLL USA LLC's Strategic Investment in Vital Show Solutions

Team from both JLL and Vital Show Solutions doing a handshake. Behind them, on the wall, it the Vital Show Solutions logo.

[Dallas, 10th May] JLGroup is pleased to announce a strategic investment by JLL USA LLC

into Vital Show Solutions (VSS), a pivotal move set to bolster both companies' growth

trajectories. JLL USA LLC is investing over $1,000,000 into VSS, affirming its commitment to

ensuring expansive equipment upgrades and continued team development. JLL USA Team

will operate out of VSS’s shop located in Carrollton, Dallas, Texas.

This investment strengthens the collaboration between VSS's 19-member team and JLL USA,

enabling JLL USA to tap into the expertise of VSS's entire team, including the Head of Video,

Head of Sound, Project Managers, and enhanced transport capabilities. This positions both

companies to efficiently manage and execute a substantial combined $12 million order book

for the year.

"JLL USA's investment in VSS represents not only a strategic alignment of our businesses but

also our core values such as building lifelong relationships, driving continuous innovation, and

delivering exceptional service," stated Keaton Watson, Vice President of Business

Development and Operations at JLL. "We are excited to share our expertise and resources

with VSS to cultivate a premier rental and staging partner in the industry."

Vital Show Solutions will fully remain independent in its own client relations and is dedicated

to becoming the preferred rental and staging partner by delivering high-quality, innovative

solutions and services. The collaboration with JLL USA LLC is expected to significantlyenhance both companies' market presence and service offerings, promising substantial

benefits to all clients and stakeholders.

"This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards industry leadership in

the US," added Watson. "Together, we are set on an exciting path of growth and enhanced

capabilities, ensuring a bright future for our clients team members"

For more about JLL USA LLC and Vital Show Solutions, visit:

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