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Whether people are attending a conference, a team meeting, a concert, a film premiere, a product launch, a trade show or an awards evening; your discerning audience expects, anticipates and demands attention.

Your event attendees have given you the gift of their valuable time and in return you must entertain them. You have to make an impact and create that WOW-experience in order to  change their hearts and minds.

JLL exists to be your technical production partner of choice. Our role is to help and advise through the creative design and implementation of the appropriate level of audio-visual and lighting technology, at the right time to ensure that your brand resonates with your audience on an emotional level.

We will curate your event with video, with sound, with music, with lighting, with sets, stages and digital experiences that will help you tell your story, help to elevate your brand and create the memories that your audience will take away and act upon.

We can support you in delivering:



Live events are about people, they are all about the experience, they are all about creating memories that will invoke a reaction, they are about serendipity, networking and making an impact. Whether you’re looking to attract people to your stand at an expo or get audiences engaging in-person – we get your brand seen and remembered. 

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Go bigger by serving audiences both in-person and from the comfort of their home or office. No matter where your audience is located and how they are interacting with your event brand, we can help you put on a show that will drive engagement across multiple platforms. When it comes to blending the live evnt with the filming of the content, our TV heritage combined with our next generation of AV equipment & software ensures we design impactful event experiences for the small screen as well as the big stage. Just like TV.


Our combined heritage of working within the television world means we are uniquely placed to help you deliver the highest quality and most engaging virtual experience for your attendees. Our TV broadcast experience means we pull together an impactful event experience designed specifically for the small screen.


We can help you showcase the magic of storytelling, unlock the secrets of audience engagement and make your delegates feel like they are experiencing something wonderful – no matter what your chosen event format.

Contact a member of the events team today.

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